†indicates trainee

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Recent Submissions

Guediche, S., Navarra, E, Martin, C. (in revision). Noise modulates crosslinguistic effects on L2 auditory word recognition.

Guediche, S., †Navarra, E, Caffarra, S., Martin, C. (under review). Intelligibility of stimuli impacts L1 effects on visual word recognition.

Manuscripts in preparation

de Bruin, A., Guediche S., Martin, C. Examining voluntary language mixing and switching in bilinguals living in a bilingual society: an fMRI study.

† Clark, C, Guediche, S, Lallier, M. Reading in the context of immature lexical processing, when do       semantics help?

Mechtenberg, H., Heffner, C., Myers, E.B., Guediche, S. Cerebellar role in lexical processing during continuous speech perception .